Profile of Our Guest


R. Vidya Sagar Rao (Retd. Chief Engineer, Central Water Commission, Delhi) 


Vidya Sagar Rao gaaru has completed  Bachelor of Engineering in 1960 from Osmania University and a Master of Engineering in Water Resources Development, from University of Roorkee  in 1979.  His continuing education included a Diploma in Water Resources Systems Engineering from Colorado State University (USA) in 1983 and a Bachelor of Law from Delhi University in 1990. 


He has a wide professional experience spanning over 38 years. During that, he worked as Commissioner at Ministry of Water Resources (Govt. of India), as Chief Engineer at National Water Development Agency (Govt. of India), as Director at Central Water Commission. He worked as a Consultant to the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) at   Nairobi (Kenya) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) during November – December, 1991.


After retirement, Sri Vidya Sagar Rao is currently working as Resources Person, National Commission for integrated Water Resources Development Plan, Government of India. In this role he is responsible for preparation of working group report on legal, institutional and financial aspects. He is also a consultant to NABARD and is responsible for appraisal and monitoring of irrigation schemes of Government of A.P. submitted for financial assistance to NABARD.


Mr. Rao visited many countries abroad to receive academic and practical training besides participating in international seminars.  The countries visited are USA, Canada, France, Thailand, Kenya and Ethiopia. He published more than 20 technical publications in reputed national and international journals.


Presently, he is Consultant to Engineering Companies engaged in Civil Engineering Projects. Also advisor to various political parties on various issues related to water. Advisor to various intellectual organizations and NGOs and imparting know how and creating mass awareness on water related issues through various foras, print and electronic media. More than 150 articles on issues related to water published in Telugu dailies i.e. Vartha, Andhra Jyothi and other Magazines.  Recently published a book “Neelu – Nijalu” a compilation of essays on water