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Sammakka Saralamma Jatara

సమక్క సరాలమ్మ జతర

* Scroll down for list of planned Activities




Sammakka Saralamma Jatara is one of the biggest festival in Telangana, held in forests near Medaram village, Eturunagaram mandal of Warangal Village once in every two years. This is celebrated for three days. Thousands of devotees come here to celebrate. Samakka Sarakka Jatara is the time for the largest tribal congregation in the world. approximately 6 million people converge over three days around Medaram village and its adjacent stream/rivulet, Jampanna Vagu, 90 km from Warangal city. Jathara begins on Magha Shudda purnima. Jaggery is offered to the deity equal to the weight of the devotee.



List of Activities planned by Telangana Development Forum..

  • Arrange Flexes at all corners of the Jaatara with strong Messages/Slogans
    (Suswagatham flexes near Mulugu Road)

  • Arrange a Tent (Plan to make the KU JAC students to sit in the tent and coordinate the program)

  • Distribute Pamphlets in Jaatara with bullet points of "why we need Telangana and wht we can acheive once we get our own state"

  • Arrange a Projector  and screen some of our video documentaries for all the 3 days of Jaatara

  • Arrange Dhoom Dham ( in evenings) with local talent for these 3 days, conveying the Telangana Messages

  • Print stickers to stick it on the Busses (around 3000 busses will arranged by APSRTC apart from local private transportation) which make shuttles to Jaatara from different places

  • Arrange speakers (PA mike system) and play the songs through out the day